Freedome mysteriously disappearing from menu bar

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I use the new hidden menu bar feature in El Capitan. After waking my mac from sleep, the Freedome menu item is invisible. Un-hiding the menu bar in preferences and switching to the 'light theme' makes Freedome visible again. However, now it shows the inactive symbol, even though Freedome itself works fine. While this may seem a minor inconvenience, it is always nice if you have visual confirmation that everything works as it should...  



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    I don’t use the hidden menu bar option in El Capitan very much, but from time to time Freedome pops up its  inactive menu bar icon, even if the Freedome app says that protection is “ON”. Agree with the OP that this is rather confusing.

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    Could you share screenshots of this behavior and open a support ticket so we can investigate better this behavior?

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    Hi Ben,


    Thanks, I submitted a support request. Below you can find three combined screenshots to illustrate what's happening. To find out if another application (Bartender, F-lux) could be the culprit of this behaviour, I disabled these to see if there would be any change. This is not the case.


    Another thing I noticed: opening the main Freedome application temporarily fixes the issue, but only until you hide the menu bar again. Not a stable solution therefore.


    It should be quite easy to replicate this issue. It is however important to have your mac asleep long enough for Freedome to have to re-connect again. As long Freedome is connected, the issue won't develop.


    Three combined screenshots.png

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