Browser malfunctioning.

Product: F-Secure, through virginmedia, on iPad


Using your browser on this iPad yesterday, the device crashed each time I attempted to open it, and then re-booted itself. After about a dozen instances of this I deleted the app, expecting to re-install from your site using the standard Safari browser, but it shows that I have no installs of F-secure left! and no way of using a re-install.
This morning it occurred to me to re-install your app from Apple iCloud. Having done that, I find that your browser is even more prone to freezing.

None of your online support links are currently working BTW.

Please advise.




  • jomez
    jomez Posts: 2
    Forgot to add F-Secure Safe version

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi jomez,


    Not sure if you tried to use our Support Request; you can open a Support ticket with our Support team using this link.


    Does the browser crash everytime you try to use it? Or does the device crash; could you provide more details on how the device crash happens?


    What is the iOS version of your iPad?

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