I dont have any code !!!

I paid 40 euro and thay dont give me any respnse !!!!!!?


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    Same for me. I bought a new soft from F-secure to eliminate viruses and protect my PC. When I tried to mount it in my PC, so after about 45 min I was asked code. I notice that in my soft CD and in it's packning was any code given! You can suppose how I felt it all....

    My mail address: XXX@XXX.fi


    EDIT: Masked email address

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    Hi @northwolf2011,


    May I know how you got the F-Secure program and which program was purchased? Was it purchased directly from F-Secure?


    Hi @2931,


    Please provide us the name of the F-Secure program purchased and was it directly purchased from F-Secure? If yes, did you get any email about your order number and code?



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    Thank you for the feedback! I found the code in the end. At first, I did not see very small print "The Code is behind this cover".

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    Hi.  I have just upgraded via virgin media/fsecure at a discounted price.  I had an email to upgrade after I had paid, nothing about a code on the email.  I upgraded and now it still says that my protection runs out in February.  any ideas.  I will have proof on my bank statmeent that he upgrade has been paid.  Am I missing something somewhere on the email


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    Hi @ypixie,


    I have moved this post to the Security board.


    Regarding your post, I would recommend opening a support request with us as it might need your account information/renewal details to check further.

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