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- I subscribed a year ago for 12 months of Freedome for android on the Google Play Store

- then subscribed for a 3-devices license that I use on only 2 PCs 10 months ago


I just cancelled my Play Sore subscription which is redundant. Now I wanted to do an early renewal of my 3-devices subscription so that I use it on all my 3 devices.



- I clicked on the "subscribe now" button of the freedome app on my PC (with subscription ACTIVE and 67 days remaining)

- I subscribed for a license renewal for 3 devices at renewal rate

- I tried to enter the code in "Have a code?" for adding up 365d of subscription

=> Got the error "The code is not valid for this device"


So my questions are :

- how do I get my renewal code to add up 365 days to my existing subscription?

- how do I manage the devices I want my subscription to work on? (1: my PC, 2: my friends PC which currently has issues with Freedome that I need to investigate - he had to reinstall but still not working, 3: my android phone which is still on the Play Store subscription for a few days)


Thanks for your help!



- 2 PCs on Win10

- 1 Android on 6.0




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    I have SAFE activated and now installed it to iPad. This package included Freedome as well.

    how on earth to find a code to activate freedome in iPad? 

    No email received. I ordered this multiuser safe from webshop.




  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Melo_A09,


    May I know till when is your Google Play store subscription valid on your Android phone?

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