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Hello to all!

In "Beta Feedback" there is only bug reports, so I am writing here.

I first tried F-secure 8 when was studying abroad in Finland. It was the best anti-virus I had ever tried before. I was using it for so long as my OS was compatible. I am so glad I joined your beta programme and still can use best protection!

Generally - I have no complaints. Thanks for changing the icon from display back to shield again. It was difficult to recognize in task bar.
My proposals are about banking protection:
1) When banking protection bar popups it covers all tabs and it is difficult to navigate between them - and I often need to do this - to copy invoice details, etc. Each time I have to resize my browser window.

2) I would like to activate banking protection compulsory by myself because it doesn't work every time I make payments (and even if I submit the address to your team I need to make payment right now).


Thanks for your job!




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  • VilleVille Posts: 494 F-Secure Employee
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    Hi @Shushurra


    Thanks for your feedback.


    1) The banking protection flyer should after a couple of second slide to the top, only using a few pixels from the top of the screen. This should allow you to view address bar and tabs just fine. If it does not work like that, please create a bug report. Also please mention the browser you are using. (You may need to click the "hide" button in the flyer)


    2) Banking protection blocks connections to non-banking sites. If you could manually activate it, it would block the connection to the site you are on, because it's unknown to us. I'm afraid you will have to submit the URLs to us so that they get added to the database.



    (F-Secure R&D)





  • mp07mp07 Posts: 50

    I agree!  I also really like using F Secure protection and especially having the Banking protection.  I had often thought the same thing about being able to activate the banking protection ourselves, it seemed like it would be so much easier & having more control ourselves would make it better.  But Ville is right too, if the system doesn't know the site it would block it.   To bad there isn't a way around that.  Because I tried submitting a few sites(sites I pay bills on) but they didn't want to except them since they weren't "bank" sites.  However, I still use my banking info on those sites to pay the bills.  But also, shopping sites that you enter your banking or credit card info on should be included too.  Because you are entering all your banking/sensitive info there & that should be protected there too.  Right?

    Also I had the same problem with the banking protection bar at the top of the page but now after a few seconds it slides up out of the way.  But some times when I go to click on another tab if I happen to move the cursor up to far it makes the bar come back down. Then I just have to wait for it to slide back up again.  But at least its out of the way now, much better.

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