Bug w/IS2016 causes 403 error instead of F-Secure block page to appear




I opened a ticket about this back on 12/19/15, but never received a response from customer care, so I figured I'd post it here as well.


It seems like there might be a bug with the proxy or whatever mechanism is used to display F-Secure's block page in a browser. When it occurs, instead of seeing a page indicating F-Secure blocked something, you'll instead see a 403: Forbidden error message. I've managed to reproduce this in multiple browsers, all running Windows 10. IS2016 is fully updated, and I have no other security software or browser extensions enabled. The issue stops after uninstalling F-Secure from the PC.


To reproduce, using AMTSO's safe desktop product test pages:


hxxp://www.amtso.org/feature-settings-check-for-desktop-solutions/ -> test cloud protection or test protection against PUAs (both are inert files of *.exe type) - if you click either of these, you'll receive a 403: Forbidden error from F-Secure. If IS2016 isn't installed, it'll download both files normally. If you use the EICAR test file (non-drive-by download), it blocks normally w/the expected F-Secure block page. 


I've also seen this occur as a result of web protection false positives affecting legitimate downloads (403 error appears, but if you uninstall, the file downloads normally). I've tested w/Chrome stable, FF, Edge, etc. and it occurs in every browser.





System: Windows 10 x64, Intel 4770 CPU, 32GB RAM, No other security software




  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Chris,


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. And sorry to hear about the delay in the case you opened.


    I have highlighted your case and your Community post to the respective Support team. They will be getting back to you soon for further troubleshooting on this issue.


  • cvvorous
    cvvorous Posts: 7 Explorer

    This is still happening. I nudged the support agent on the ticket that was opened back in January about it, and was told it would be fixed "soon" - nearly three months on (initial contact 12/19, updated 1/19), it's still happening and is still super annoying.


    Any chance this might actually see resolution sometime before the 2017 product launches? I had to remove the product in the interim because the 403 errors + frequent false positives means I regularly have to disable web filtering to use my PC until the FP reports submitted get resolved (which sometimes takes days). 



  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 234 F-Secure Employee

    Hi Cvvorous,


    Sorry to hear about your trouble! I have highlighted your post to our Support team for further looking into and update you about this ongoing issue.



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