iOS9 - Whatsapp - Freedome

any news regarding the error report?

and what about the "new" version of freedome in review? Smiley Sad


It's useless for me since 3 months!


  • Same here, until i installed new 9.3 beta and after 4 hours i havent had the issue. Will test if farther.

  • D-Fens2D-Fens2 Posts: 78

    Amazing news Kanelus!!!


    does it still work?

  • Yup! No problem by now. After seems to be fixed. Will reconfirm tomorrow :)

  • Hi again, after more than 24h all looks great Smiley Very Happy

    Not problem at all. If you can try with new ios 9.2.1 with 9.3 beta is solved but should be good to know if its also fixed in 9.2.1 too



  • D-Fens2D-Fens2 Posts: 78

    it seems that iOS 9.2.1 fixes the issues Smiley Very Happy

    after all these painful weeks... Smiley Wink

  • D-Fens2D-Fens2 Posts: 78

    okay it works for some time,

    then you will miss messages because you don't get notifications Smiley Sad


  • omg... :/ im my case i have not problem (yet). The fsecure support with our case is not being as good as expected. Any offical update of the issue from you or apple should be appreciated.

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