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I'm running a Plex Server on my PC. I have a DDNS entry that assigns my IP to my DNS on a regular basis.  My Netgear router has the port on the router forwarded to my PC's IP that is reserved by MAC.  


All of this works great...

Then I turn on Freedome.  Once it's on my Plex is no longer visable from the outside and I can't watch/sync etc.


My "WhatismyIP" is accurately reflected in my DDNS updater programs, and since my VPN points to my computer through the tunnel the Port forwarding is not active/affecting the connection.


How do I get this working?



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    Hi Leithal,


    When Freedome is on, Freedome takes over the network traffic and it does its own routing table on the PC. So, unfortunately, this kind of setups will not work.

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