Freedome on iPhone 6+ Screen freezing after waking phone up

timfidd Posts: 5 New Member

I have identified a serious issue with Freedome on iPhone 6+, which first occured 2-3 months ago.


The issue is an intermittent freezing of the phone screen after waking up with touch ID.


After exhaustively trying to resolve this isssue, including a complete phone reset, I have discovered that the intermittent screen freeze after phone wake up ONLY happens when Freedome is installed and running. Further, it ALSO happens when Freedome is installed and not running with an active VPN connection.


The issue happens wheter on 3G, 4G or wifii.


To resolve the issue, I have had to uninstall Freedome on my iPhone. I am guessing that it is a VPN profile issue.


Can you look into this and advise what / how this might be resolved.


I have Freedome on an iPad, and do not experience any issues.


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