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I have been using F-Secure Freedome for about a month or so now and had entered a code for a 365 day subscription when first setting it up. I have been away from my computer for 2 days and come back to find Freedome only has 1 day left of subscription. I am not sure what happened? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You


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    Do you obtain your code through 'my safe‘ page?

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    I hade 3 X one year freedome code that my safe page gave me . but after updating fresh win 10 and reinstalling freedome it was gone.The other two code dont work. what can I do.

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    Hi @buffalobill and @memoli,


    Did you get your Freedome codes via the trial SAFE account? We are now in the process of expiring the Freedome subscription codes that are linked to trial F-Secure SAFE licenses, as the free 1-year Freedome subscription was only for customers who purchased F-Secure SAFE from the campaign. These Freedome subscriptions will be expired over the next few weeks.


    When we expire these Freedome subscriptions, your Freedome subscription will expire 7 days after this. If multiple Freedome subscription codes have been used on the same device, your installation will expire one week after we expire the subscription.


    Multi-platform Freedome subscriptions are available from our web pages at Single platform subscriptions can be purchased for Apple iPad and iPhones from the Apple App Store and for Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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