Very slow performance during the execution of a full scan with Anti-Virus




I use the "F-Secure Internet Security", version 16.1 with the following details:

F-Secure 16.1

Antivirus 14.150 build 101
DeepGuard 5.0 build 580
E-mail Filtering 1.02 build 20399
Management Agent 8.30 build 43239
User Interface 17.00 build 246
Virus Protection 11.00 build 21434


Further I use Windows 10, a quick i7 processor with 4 processors and 8 cores and 16 GB memory. So enough to handle all programs.


Today I made a complete scan over my whole PC (256 GB SSD ("C" partition") ) and two 2TB normal harddiscs  with data only. Among others I have stored all installation files of installed applications, also of older versions on this harddisc. Among others I also have some older installation files from Adobe products like Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements. Thes use a lot of cab files.


When I scanned my PC the check of all container files like CAB or ZIP or TAR blocked almost my whole PC. I could almost could do nothing! The fshoster.exe (I assume this does the full scan)  had a CPU load of about 5-10%. So peantus. There was also no other process with more than 1-3 % running at this point of time. During the inspection of the container files I could request no single Internet page in Chrome. Partly I couldn't scroll the bars in Chrome  for example.  My Adobe installtion folders had 72 cab files with a size of 2.76 GB.


I don't know whether verison 16.1. works differnet to version 16.0 whereas I never had such huge (!!!) delays.  I have to mention that I used version 16.0 with Windows 7.


Do you know such problems? Anyways also a full scan should never delay a PC  like this.


PS: The scan showed no problems on my PC, also the clean-up  tool.


Best regards

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