365 day subscription changed to 3 days

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Got a 365 day promoF-Secure a couple of months ago. Today the subscription shows that only  3day of active subscription remain. Not sure if this was just a bait and switch or a real technical issue? Anyone?


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    Hi dtalpade,


    We are now in the process of expiring the Freedome subscription codes that are linked to trial F-Secure SAFE licenses, as the free 1-year Freedome subscription was only for customers who purchased F-Secure SAFE from the campaign. These Freedome subscriptions will be expired over the next few weeks.


    When we expire these Freedome subscriptions, your Freedome subscription will expire 7 days after this. If multiple Freedome subscription codes have been used on the same device, your installation will expire one week after we expire the subscription.


    Multi-platform Freedome subscriptions are available from our web pages at https://freedome.f-secure.com/. Single platform subscriptions can be purchased for Apple iPad and iPhones from the Apple App Store and for Android devices from the Google Play Store.

  • dtalpade
    dtalpade Posts: 2 Observer

    So I guess the "Bait and Switch" comment is valid then! at no point in the promo sign up was there a clause that you had to purchase anything............

  • Isteru
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    Exactly ! This promo is an example of unreliability, and will not make me buy a subscription. I think I'll try with your contenders...

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