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I use Freedome on my mobile phone and my computers as well. I bought a subscription für 3 devices / 1 year (PC+Mobile). This was about 1-2 month ago.


Now I had to reinstall the ROM of my mobilphone, everything on it was deleted.


After installing the Freedome App and trying to use my code, I always get an error message:

"Could not verify your code / Der Code ist für dieses Gerät nicht gültig"


Please help to reactivate the code and thanks in advance.


Additionally the code was used just 2 times (my mobilephone and my laptop(working properly on it)). So, a 3rd subscription should be left?!


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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,428
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    Hi duncanr,


    May I know from where you purchased the Freedome code for 1 year? Could you please post a screenshot of the error message as well (which you see during the validation)?


    If the Freedome code was not purchased from F-Secure directly, could you please send me a private message of your purchase details like Code/purchase reference number/purchase date, etc?



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