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The original F Secure allowed you to minimise the Banking Protection bar to the task bar. Now.. it floats away but comes down if the mouse is moved near the top. I need to have my spreadsheet open when I do banking and I keep clicking on END by mistake as the float bar comes down where the Excel minimise icon is.. This seems a bit of a poor design for a security product! Can we have the minimise to task bar option back please!

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     there is one thing I like to see when you do banking it pops up with a new window 2 big antivirus company's do this and I got your F-security like to see a new face of you can

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    hi i heard you going to have a new version off F-Secure   how and when  do i know  my F-Secure  comes up in a few weeks

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    Sorry for my potential feedback (I'm only F-Secure user).


    F-Secure Banking Protection flyer with many improve-steps already.

    Even currently (and maybe it was always possible to do) available next potential workaround (example-steps):


    --> when BP-flyer is triggered and pinned to top -- also should be visible 'F-Secure logo process' pinned to system taskbar.


    --> if we click this taskbar logo (or multiple clicks) -- F-Secure BP-flyer should be hidden (not visible at the top of screen) but still work and active.


    At least, probably it worked with Windows 7/8/10.



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    I think we can close this feature request. The current version has only a narrow indicator at the top center of the screen, and is less likely to triggered accidentally (vs. the old wide indicator that took almost half of the screen width).


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