Freedome will not allow me to activate new device

I'm not sure why I cannot activate another device. Right now I'm trying to activate my laptop that currently has a Freedome Beta license which is set to expire in 15 days (January 15, 2016).


I paid for the 5 device license and can only think of 4 devices my license was activated on, one of which I no longer use. Which is another issue in and of itself... can I deactivate an old device that I am no longer using bringing my total device count down to three?


Naturally, the second issue is determining how to activate my laptop which would either become my 4th or 5th device, depening on if I can deactivate my old device that I no longer use.


Is there any way for you to tell how many devices I have connected? Because the number of times I have redeemed my license and the number of devices the app is installed on and being used on is probably different.


Anyway, I hope we are able to come to a fair and balanced resolution to my problem here. Looking forward to your reply and suggestions.


Happy New Year!






  • Laksh
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    Hi and Happy New Year to you too, creative_think!

    May I know what is the error message seen when you try to activate the license for Freedome? Is the Beta version of Freedome still installed on the same device on which you are trying to install Freedome with the code?

    There is no option to check the number of devices which are currently using your Freedome code.The Freedome code cannot be reset and each installation takes up a license from the code. Our RND is working on this reset functionality.

    Please do try to use the code and validate it on your laptop. If you are having any issues or any error message, please let me know so that I can assist further.

  • Freedome_License_Error.PNG

    The Beta version of Freedome is still installed on the same device I am trying to activiate. I have tried my code to validate Freedome on my laptop with no success. Should I uninstall the beta and install the regular version instead? I'm afraid if I do that though I will lose the few days that I have left on my beta.


    What are my options?

  • I will try doing that and if my code still doesn't work I'll contact you here.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi creative_think,


    Any luck with this one? Were you able to activate your device with the code?

  • Yes, I was able to activate my licence once I uninstalled Freedome Beta and installed the latest non-beta version.




    However, I still would like to know how the development of device activation management is going? I request such a feature becuase I'm still unable to determine how many devices I currently have activated. It would be excellent if device activation could be managed similarly to Netflix or the PlayStation Network?



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi creative_think,


    Thanks for the update and glad to know it is now activated. We do have the license transfer option with Freedome to other devices and more details are mentioned in this article.


    And, I have passed your feedback about the license management to our Product team.

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