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I am considering whether to renew my virging media F-Secure contract.  My main problem is that at the moment F-Secure only covers 5 devices.  That would do for my current PC, laptop, tablet and say my wife's phone.  However, I also want to cover my kids devices.  They have a tablet each and my 11 year old son has an android phone as well.  Is it possible to pay and add more devices?  I have done a quick search and note that Kapersky does a 10 device deal for £35 a year and I am just wondering whether it would be better to swap to them?


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    Hi apyds,


    Yes, it is possible to add more devices to your account to extend your license. However, the promotion price is only for 5 devices. If you would like to extend more devices, then the price will be adjusted accordingly. 

  • apyds
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    Where can I find out about the price of adding extra devices please?

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    hi so please could you tell me if i was to upgrade to 7 devices what is the price there after on top of my £25 would i pay yearly. also in my account it shows a £15.10 credit where did this balance come from and if i was to buy upto 7 devices i will have just to pay £4.22 . thats confusing becuase the balance of £15.10 i have no idea where it came from.

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