Freedome on Android messing up LAN?

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I have Freedome installed on an Android TV box (Minix X8).  I also have Plex and Kodi media managers installed on this box, and a Synology NAS with SMB shares for my video and music library. All are connected via wired ethernet.


When I have Freedome ON, I cannot access the network shares in Kodi, and also Plex keeps losing its connection to the Plex server (running on the Synology). I see there is an option to mark WIFI networks as safe to allow access to LAN devices. But where is there an option to do this for wired LAN connections?


The product is not really useable for me like this - I have to constantly turn it on and off.


Android v4.4.2 

Synology DSM215j running DSM 5.2


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    Hi KeithIBZ,


    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


    Currently, we don’t support wired lans with Android at the moment. However, I have highlighted your post to our Product team and they will try to look this support option.

  • KeithIBZ
    KeithIBZ Posts: 2 New Member
    Well better late than never so thanks for the reply.

    With the number of Android based TV boxes on the market I would have thought this a usefull feature. I am going to have to get another VPN solution as it is very inconvenient to keep turning it off and on when switching programs/tasks.

    Bit of a waste of money for me. :-(
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