How to allow compiled exes permanently with deepguard

Hello, I switched to F-secure few weeks ago and noticed somewhat harmless yet really frustrating problem with deepguard.
I'm coding one of my projects, and after i compile it to the .exe file deepguard prevents it for it being in common use. Ofcourse i can just allow it in deepguard, but problem renews every time i compile my code (becaus it is "new" .exe file every time). Is there anyway to allow lets say folder to remain unchecked by deepguard, or some other way to prevent it from blocking my own exe every time I change it


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    Hi there,


    You can Exclude files and folders from being scanned in the Virus Protction settings, but I'm not sure that will stop Deepguard from flagging a changed .exe file, as that's what it's job is to do.  Presumably, once you've allowed the changed file from the Deepguard alert, it only flags again if the file is changed?

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    Hello, dikkijonsson...  I don't do any .exe compiling, but from the sounds of the problem you are encountering with F-Secure, it sounds similar to what I'm running into...


    A software company I have used for a number of years posted an .exe file for download to fix a problem with the particular software program from them that I use...


    This link is what they provide to download their patch:


    This particular zip file has the .exe file I was trying to download - they created the zip file so I could download the file...  I have sent the URL to F-Secure today, so it may be awhile before I hear from them...  I have also submitted a support ticket, which in their reply they want me to send them the file, but alas, that is impossible because the file is deleted before I can get it...!  :-(


    Anyway, the zip file seemed to download okay, but when I attempted to extract the .exe file, F-Secure intercepted it and deleted it as a virus... What F-Secure was calling a "Trojan" virus...


    Needless to say, it has been an extremely frustrating venture into trying to download the file...!


    The software company - - will eventually put out an update which should include said file, so I will just wait until then...  The patch file was for a temporary fix anyway...


    EDIT: masked download link

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