New F Secure Safe Android Version

I was creating a thread for that in the old german section but I had some outstanding things for that.

First the password protection for the finder is no longer available,only if you activate parental control(which is quite annoying sometimes and I don't need and want that).

Why you restrict newer version that should bring more or better options?

A new look doesn't count much when you have less things in it than before.


Second the scanning speed is way too long still.And you still can't see what it is scanning and can't select only SD card.


Third the annyoing scan on system start is still running every time you boot your phone EVEN if you deactivated that in the options.


4th.The second annyoing thing is the Safe browser notification in the drop down menü.I have luck and have a phone(Honor 3C)where you can delete that kind of messages,but i have to do that every time it appears again.And if i deactivate all notifications from Mobile Security/Safe then I see nothing anymore,also of important stuff.


5th.In the new version in my case the Safe browser is overlaying all other browsers.For example I will start Opera or CM browser and in the first 2 seconds it will start but then Safe browser will pop up and you can't work with the other browsers.

I had to deinstall Safe and going back to the old Mobile Security for getting rid of it.


So all in all on Android F Secure has to improve a lot,if i would not use Safe also for PC i wouldn't be a F Secure customer anymore.


Greetz Margos

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