FSecure blocked in Nokia C6_01




I installed F-Secure in my Nokia C6_01 (at least 3 years ago), working fine, as I never changed SIM. Lately I have this phone long time OFF, and when trying to restart it I got 2 error messages:


1) If I have the SIM ito the phone, then says "The SIM card is not valid (i)", and the only way to get out of that is by switching OFF the phone and remove the SIM.


2) With no SIM, after start the phone, F-Secure ask for UNLOCK code, which I dont remember, or the one I believed doesnt work.


Because the phone has no SIM, I cannot receive any  #UNLOCK# SMS from trusted number.


I prefer to get support from official site than run any recommendation to manipulate my phone at my own risk.


I thank whoever may help with this. Regards


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