Key - copy/paste in "info-part" of the site



It would be good, if it is possibe to copy (and paste) data from the info-part of  each site in Freedom. This opportunity was possible before, but nor anymore.


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    Hi Polarbear,


    Could you please elaborate on your idea? Are you referring to the information ('How does this work') from the Freedome Application or from the Freedome website?

  • Hi!


    Sorry, that my answer is so late.


    I mean the Freedom Application. I have writen many usefull facts in the "Notice" -part of the Apps. When I need to pick some word from the text (copy/paste), it is not possible. I can only copy the hole text of the "Notice" -part and that is sometimes quite troublesome.




  • Hi!


    I would add one more thing in this copy/paste -theme.


    It would be very useful, if we can paste pictures into Key-apps. I mean for example photos of bank-code-lists, which are not possible to save in open photogallery.