In Swedish? Free from my subription of PC magasin

Kamala Posts: 1 New Member

Not so  good in English. Is there Swedish?

I have free Freedome from my premium subriscription of PC for Alla, a Swedish PC magasin. When I got the first code some weeks ago through the magasin I got only 14 days trial.

Now when it had expired I want to have the 6 months that is free for me. I have just installed F secure on my PC and Android with the long kod of capital  letters I got.

But when I want to start Freedome on my PC  and put in the  9 figures long code I got from PC magasin it says its a wrong code.


Why and what to do no?



I want so badly  see the Swedish  TV Christmas  programe when I am abroad, far away from home.




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