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I have problem with renewing my order. My previous order  was lisence for five different device (one year order).  I am trying to manually renew my F Secure SAFE order today by using my My F-Secure account, because my previous order expires today (22.12.2015 ).  


When I click this "Renew now" button, I get page, which only says that I have already renewed my order and order expires 22.12.2015. I did not get any form where to fill details of order or choose between count of devices (up to 3 devices, up to 5 devices, up to 7 devices), to choose payment method etc. I have tried several times, but nothing happens. I'm not able to make new order either, because the ordering form recognizes my email address and tries to redirect me back to My F-Secure.


I did not get any emails  from my order so I think something went wrong with ordering process. I have also checked that my email address is correct.



The message I get is in english "Your subscription renewal was successful. You have already renewed your subscription for another billing cycle. Your subscription will expire on 22/12/2015. Prior to this date, you will receive an email reminding you of the upcoming need to manually renew your subscription for another billing cycle. "


But I didn't get any form where I could give credit card number etc.


Best regards, Hannele from Finland




  • joriini
    joriini Posts: 2 New Member

    Well, I think my order is now okay !


    I just got email that my order and credit card has accepted. And now my lisence is valid until 22.12.2016. The ordering process was just too simple Smiley Tongue .


    Now I hope that I won't get more invoices because I pressed "Renew now" button several times . Smiley Happy .


    Could someone confirm, that it is not possible to make multiple orders by clicking "Renew button" ? Hope not?

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