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it seems like i have the same problem.

1 year ago i gave F-secure SAFE a try.

To be hones i was happy with it unitl the day i bought a renewal year.

i don't know which paranoia leads f-secure to make a simple renewal an impossible task.


I bought my renewal year at an online store and decided to pick ESD licens (code+link). don't want to wait for a box. i want it my idea.

The link leads me directly to my SAFE account but then the trouble begins.

The code is not accepted there. As solution i found in some forums that you have to manual end your subscription, then my code will be accepted. A little worried about this way but without any other oppinion i tried it. 

Guess what the problem still exists. Even worse. now there is no way of putting my new code in.

Then i contacted the support via chat and it felt like they can solve it. you have to wait until subscription end date is reached. After that you cann add you code. A little strange how they manage it but if it then works....


This is now one week ago, my abo is out of date, i cannot change anything vital and also cannot add my code. There is no button or field where i can add it.


i fear the forgot to program it or don't want to have customers a second year....

Right now i have contacted the shop where i bought the new code that i want to revise the deal and want my money back. lets see how we finaly end.


Its a shame, f-secure has a good product, but they total messed it up with renewal logic.

I finaly have to find another antivirus company.

Thinking back to kaspersky i had for several years - you buy a code, you put it in and +365 days are active. Simple as it is. Maybe f-secure should look at their competitors how they solve such a task.






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    Hi @MasterFuba,


    I have moved your post to the Security board as this was regarding the SAFE license renewal. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you are going through with the SAFE renewal; your feedback has been passed on about the issue.


    I have also highlighted your post to our Support team regarding your renewal(as you have already opened a case with us through the chat).

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