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I suggest that bank protection does not start together with my browser with any site url but only when connecting with my bank site


  • martink
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    Are you saying that since yesterday Banking protection starts on other sites as well?


    On my Win 10 32 with ULAV since yesterday banking protection session starts at random in FF 43.0.1

    I have several tabs open like Linkedin Facebook Twitter and but no page to a bank or a place where the banking indentification is asked. Banking protection blocks Instagram.


    Is it me, my Win 10, my PC or F-Secrure or ULAV?

    This far it is only this PC.

  • yeoldfart
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    yes Martin, starts randomly i.e. on my ISP site, sometimes not but works perfectly on banking sites

  • Ukko
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    But it's should be work just with bank (related to bank/banking) websites/sources. And should not be triggered by random websites/pages.


    With my experience, and other noted pages just not triggered Banking protection by main page visit.


    Most likely.. that your tabs or some of pages from websites can be with sources (static maybe), which marked as banking under Security Cloud.


    For example, I have experience with shopping site, which does not triggered Banking Protection.

    But BP triggered by static-resource from something as "something.static.payment-amazon . com"  and it's random/mistake - because Shopping site marked "not banking" under Security Cloud. And just current "static"-resource (picture?! buttons? scripts?) triggered BP.

    Maybe your experience about something same.

    But I not check it with Firefox. And check it with another system.


    Sorry for reply.

  • martink
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    Yes I quite agree with you as how it should work.

    Yesterday it did not.


    Today like there was never a problem.


    Some sort of a temporary hickup and problem gone. ;-)

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