Slow speed on windows 7 compared to w10/mac

Kep Posts: 7 New Member

I changed from Windows 10 pro to Windows 7 pro. Everything else remained the same. Freedome vpn throughput dropped significantly to the point of unusable. While downloads are barely working, it also feels sluggish, like dns lookup is taking 5-10 seconds on every page load. On W10 you could not tell if vpn was in use, it was so fast. Connection 50/10 vdsl, wired on gbit adapter.


Actual speed tests

Without Freedome (ping ~20-25ms)

W7: 49/10

W10: 49/10

Mac (wlan ac): 47/9


With Freedome Espoo (ping ~25-40ms)

W7: 8,35/8,7

W10: 47/8

Mac (wlan ac): 46/8


Verified with multiple tests and multiple freedome locations (Stockholm/Copenhagen), only W7 with vpn connected has the problem. Please advice!


  • Kep
    Kep Posts: 7 New Member

    Additionally, on windows 10 I could change Freedome location or ON/OFF on the fly and not even a streaming video would start buffering. Confirmed on that the location actually changes. On windows 7 I have to wait a long time, restart the browser or sometimes even restart the computer, or I will get "Error: Network changed" and no connectivity.


    Maybe there's a difference how the vpn is applied to the connection between the systems, and this is causing all the harm?

  • Ryan
    Ryan Posts: 2 New Member

    I echo your issue. Freedome 1.0.2352.0 was reinstalled and activated on a Windows 7 32bit machine and now the connection speed is only 1/8 with test. This makes browsing and general work almost impossible. When Freedome is turned off the connection speed is fully restored. I have tried flushing DNS, switching off antivirus and firewall to no avail. I have also a Windows 10 machine on the same network and Freedome connection speed is fine.

  • Kep
    Kep Posts: 7 New Member

    Well, given that I made the question a month ago with no answers, I guess we're not using f-secure then.. Ever.


    I just HATE IT when companies have the nerve to call this crap a "support forum". When all it is is a bunch of idiots asking faq's while staff disregard any real requests with decent background info.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Posts: 2 New Member

    Kep, I get your frustration. I've plugged in a PCI-E Wi-Fi adapter and Freedome VPN speed is back to normal. Not an optimal solution but it works. However, on the Ethernet connection it is still just 1/8... There is either an issue with Freedome VPN software or Ethernet controller drivers. I am inclined to believe it is the Freedome VPN that is causing the issue because I didn't have this problem with a competitors VPN service over Ethernet connection. 

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Kep and @Ryan,


    I'm sorry to hear about your speed issues with Win 7. I completely understand your frustation here and I have highlighted your posts and the issues being faced to our respective team.


    Regarding your issue, I would recommend to get in touch with our Support team through phone or chat as I suspect this might need deeper troubleshooting or might need logs from Freedome. Have you got in touch with them yet? If not, you may call them directly in the numbers given in this link. Or you may also chat with our Chat support via this link.

    I, once again, extend my apologies for the delay. I hope our support can assist you further in order to resolve your issue.

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