New version of AV is noticeably slower


I just built a PC today. The hardware is the same as it was before, slightly overclocked i5 CPU and SSD, but I wiped the drive and reinstalled W-7 64-bit to get rid of old software. After I installed F-Secure AV, it became obvious that things were slower on boot, logon, logoff, and shutdown (there is a delay). The new round icon proves that something is new. My other PC still has the old version with the square icon and is the same speed as before. I hope AV is not having a problem with Malwarebytes Pro. Please fix this problem. I like the old icon better too.


  • PC-Cobbler
    PC-Cobbler Posts: 18 Explorer

    I just rebuilt a laptop. Both this PC and the previous PC are running W-7 64-bit on SSDs from different vendors. The laptop experiences the same problem as the other, which I will simplify. There is an additional 1-2 second delay after I select Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff until the system responds. I have other systems running Bitdefender and MSE to compare, not to mention that I have a good memory. This problem is not critical, to say the least, but the latest F-Secure AV release added this delay.

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