Any news to share on freedome for Windows 10 mobile?

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Hi, any news to share on freedome for Windows 10 mobile? Are there any plans on supporting Windows 10 mobile soon?


  • Do you use it ok on 8.1? I can't load it on my phone with 8.1. I've avoided loading 10 as my friend is a developer and told me it's a mess.
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    Freedome is not available for Windows Phone 8.1.
    And Freedome is unfortunately (still) not available for Windows 10 mobile. So I hope to get an answer on if Freedome will make it on Windows 10 mobile.

    Windows 10 mobile is (so far) officially only available on Lumia 950 (Xl) and 550. On other Lumia divices you can just get it over the Windows Insider program! Some older Lumia divices, like 930, 830, 730, 640 and some more, should get an update from 8.1 to Windows 10 mobile soon. 

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    Hi Vetraci,


    Currently, we're considering it at the moment but no decisions finalized yet.

  • What about 8.1? It appeared to allow me to download onto this phone but it hasn't. I've actually paid for the three device licence so I assume this is one gone up the swanny even though it hasn't installed. - Don't ask me why it's not here but it isn't 😞
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    Hi Manxmonkey,


    Quoting Päivi's reply on a previous post about Freedome and Win 8.1 support, 

    "Microsoft does, unfortunately, not support personal VPN with Windows Phone 8.1. We need to wait for Windows 10. I'm sorry, but this is out of our control.



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    Okay, just wondering because there are VPN Apps available for windows phone 8.1.



  • VetraciVetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer

    Half year later ....

    Just wondering if there is any news on Freedome for Windows 10 Mobile? Smiley Happy


    Would love to use Freedome on my Windows Mobile device!

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    Hi Vetraci,


    We are still considering it at the moment. No news about it yet.

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