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I wish F-Secure have a feature of deep scanning with the F-Secure Online Scanner.


It seems that it miss many detections with it.


I did use another cloud scanner called Zemana Anti-Malware....


It has the capbility to do a deep scan. And it really detects some unknowns...




  • Simon
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    I have often been skeptical of scanners which seem to detect items that no other scanners detect. How can one tell if these are genuine malware, or false claims by the product trying to convince the user to use it? Often, these scanners will only remove detected 'malware' once the user has paid for the 'Pro' or 'Full' versions, which leads me to suspect that the product may have placed the 'malware' on the machine itself, simply to draw users into paying for said product, when there was never any need to in the first place.
  • Enfcmedic384
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    The same thing a lot of problems also can be stopped at the router and firewall as you know. My problem is all Intrusion so specialized software that hackers can buy even as a turn key package can kill even the best firewall or best malware programs. Code injection especially with Python is a big issue for me. I think even the best protection works extemely well but if someone keeps at it with 25 pound maul. Then even a pure concrete wall fails.
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