Active VPN-connection with STAMINA on Sony phones.

julsmerlin Posts: 1 New Member

Hey guys,


as the topic header already says, I'm asking myself what happens with my secured VPN-tunnel, when I have my STAMINA mode switched on? It's a special function on Sony Xperia smartphones with Android 5.1.1 or higher.

If switched on, it reduces battery drain when screen is of/ phone is in standby. Such as data traffic etc.

Here the function is explained more detailed: STAMINA MODE.


That's what I recognised:

When I switch the the screen on again/ wake the phone up, the Freedome-notification bar shows that it reconnects normally back to VPN-server. So the main question is: Is my data traffic unsecured while I'm in standby with STAMINA switched on, or does Freedome cuts the data connection/ transfer for this time completely?


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