License (key) from My FS Protection (for Iphone 6S)

Dear @Ville ,

When FS Protection, you get five licenses.
I use for it for myself only  3.
If I did, I once heard from F-Secure outside that you the remaining's license may also indicate too a  family member, or friend well.

But now comes the question .. and the problem ...

- The above question. about the remaining license i have, that can i give one away too an family person ???

- And one more question / cq problem: My brother in law has namely an iPhone 6S. I send him the installation link with an SMS you can send from My FS Protection, and he clicks on it.
Then you get the message that the selected app is not available in the app store.
But I'm just going to look back, and Googled the specific problem.
Well is it true that FS Protection is not available "Yet" for IOS ???
and that
you must instal F-Secure Safe from the mobile app store? ???
Works on F-Secure Safe ... well my current license that I have (5 from FS Protection)  cannot activate them Or use them for Iphobe !!!! , or that i give the license (sms) code)

too that Safe security program fprom Apple !!!



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  • Ben
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    Hello FamousMarcel,


    There should be a notice about that in the beta portal.


    iOS App not currently available in FS Protection Beta! The iOS App is temporarily removed from the App Store starting from 27-Aug-2015; The App cannot be installed from any iOS App install link in FS Protection Beta for the time being.


  • FamousMarcel
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    @Ben Yes i have see him.

    But this is al so long.

    Or is F-secure working on it, so that it with a while must working also on Iphone?

  • Ben
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    I unfortunately do not have additional information on the current status or future development of FS-protection for IOS.


    I'll let you know if anything comes up. 


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    Okey thank you very much, :)

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