Banking protection issue

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Banking protection has a serious's blocking all the transactions which is done by opening a another window.somtimes when we do a transactions browser automatically opens a another window and try to finalize the transaction from there but f-secure banking protection is not allowing to do the transaction from a another window while the previos windows is still open.i know this is how the banking protection works but it's a serious issue.


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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    Yes, I believe that's how it works. I have always got around this by closing the 'protected' window when I have finished any banking transactions. I guess this would probably be safer than leaving banking windows open anyway.
  • asanka
    asanka Posts: 24 Explorer
  • asanka
    asanka Posts: 24 Explorer
    when i'm doing a transaction,I'm getting 403 error.lot of customers complain about this issue.i have to disable the banking protection before doing a transaction.since this feature is useless,Please fix it or remove it.
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