Finland is awesome. You get free Tuition if you live there ;).

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I have always been obsessed with Nordic culture that also has to do when I took DNA testing on I am very Happy to say I am traced back to you Fins :). I then read up more and more on FInland. The Lapua party and the recent history. Then I found out today or a few days ago that if you are a Finish citizen you get free tuition ! How coold is that and so what if it is cold. I love the cold anyway. I love the F-Secure products BTW and maybe I will one day see you gus in Finland. Thank you guys here for all the help and support. :). F-Secure is the best as always :).


  • Enfcmedic384
    Enfcmedic384 Posts: 181 Enthusiast
    Does anyone know a cost of living calculator for comparing the cost of living for here in the states to Finland?
  • Ben
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    here is one example of cost calculator between the both countries.

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