Espoo connection is one **bleep**ing joke now

After Freedome Espoo servers were changed to Ficolo's, connection has become totally useless.


Speed is restricted and because of Ficolo's staff is full of hobbiests and have nothing else than marketing background, it is 101% sure that they are also collecting user data.


When will this be fixed? I paid for good quality service and after couple of months without any notice I get only bag of **bleep**.


  • Totally agree!

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Jongunranta,


    We are monitoring our locations actively and we are not seeing any particular slowness at the moment. However, could you tell us if you are getting the slowness all the time or only at particular times? Could you also let us know what speed you get when selecting the Espoo location?

  • Your monitoring then sucks. After Ficolo bandwith dropped < 2Mbps and been obviously restricted to that.

  • I can confirm this: from 48 Mbit (iPhone WiFi) down to 7-12 Mbit.

    at my desktop PC: 108 Mbit down to 19,80 Mbit

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