Freedome subscription code does not work

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I have a Freedome subscription for 5 devices and installed to those devices.


Now suddenly Freedoem does dot work in my daughter's MacBook.  She just got message that "you have reaced the maximum number of installations with this code."


The message is not true - I have just right amount of devices - and my subscription should still be continuen more than 200 days. 


I read from these pages that this can happen if I reinstall Freedome.  I have done that - because I got advise from F-secure customer help that this is what to do when I want to install new version of Freedome (have to quit first and then reinstall the new version).


What to do now?  I need to have Freedome in all the 5 devices - and I have also payed for it.  




  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Helena,


    Welcome to our Community! Could we have the following information so that it will help us to check further?

    1. May I know from where you purchased Freedome from?

    2. A screenshot of the error message seen?

    3. How many devices are currently running Freedome with the code?


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