FS Protection PC Release 152

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Note: Release 151 was skipped. Previous beta release was 150.


This release contains following applications:

  • Common Component Framework 2.52 build 185
  • Antivirus 14.150 build 100
  • Browsing protection 2.152 build 3698

New features

  • Tray icon is much faster to start now
  • Windows update no longer blocks product upgrade

Fixed issues

  • Wrong footer color in uninstallation dialog (CTS-97067)
  • Broken string in uninstallation dialog (bg,cs,el,et,sl) (CTS-97066)
  • Wrong capitalization in uninstallation dialog (de) (CTS-97051)
  • Incorrect alignment in "Connections" tab (CTS-97048)
  • UAC prompt has confusing name "F-Secure Admin Installer" (CTS-97031)
  • Support tool fails "Could not run diagnostics" (CTS-97024)
  • Rare crash of fshoster32.exe (CTS-96987)
  • Login during installation does not work with proxy (CTS-96976)
  • Privacy statement link has right-click menu enabled (CTS-96958)
  • All virus databases disappear from downloads if system clock is adjusted (CTS-96945)
  • Support tool does not display long path properly (CTS-96888)
  • Installation does not always continue after reboot (CTS-96721)

Browsing Protection:

  • https blockpage url had extra escape characters resulting Internet Explorer failing to show it (CTS-97020)



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  • martink
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    My current version displays my subscriptions on a web page  in the beta programs and not from local data.

    That could work for a  beta but for the  standard product that would be  less than convenient. I undertand it might  be more helpful for F-S to keep a good record  of who has got what, but still.

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