Why Freedome is not automatically on?

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I have a F-Secure Freedome (1 device/1 year license) for my tablet (Lenovo IdeaTab S6000-H, Android 4.2.2).

When I switch my tablet on there is an information screen (sorry for my bad translation):

“Attention - Freedome tries to create a VPN connection. If you continue, you’ll allow that the application gets all the information of the network. Don’t accept if you don’t trust in this application. I trust in this application: yes/no.”

I get his information every time when I switch my tablet on and time after time I choose ‘yes’.

What should I do to make sure that Freedome is automatically on? I don’t want to see that information screen time after time.

Thanks for your help already in advance.


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    Hi joanna1,


    As mentioned in the article here, you will see a dialog "Freedome attemps to create a VPN connection" when you:
    - First start the Freedome app

    - After your Android device is rebooted

    - Freedome is restarted


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