Wrongly charged Virginmedia customer


I recieved a link as a virginmedia customer stating I can renew at £xx. Clicked on link andreceivd message renewal successful. Cecked crediut card and charged £xx.xx (cheating .........!!!)



EDIT: Renamed Title and renewal price details


  • regB
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    I had the same problem, and refused to click on "Buy now", and eventually managed to get VIrgin Media F-secure team to sort it out, but it is certainly a very clever trick played by "cleverbridge"!


    EDIT: Renamed Title

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Just,


    Sorry to hear about your trouble with the renewal. However, I was able to narrow down your case details about the SAFE renewal with our Support team. I have highlighted the post to our support team so that this can be checked further.


    As far as I see in the case, they are checking on your issue details and will be getting back to you soon.

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