Freedome reveals my ip-address + mystery address in USA

From this page you can check if your vpn is leaking your ip-address. This page gives me three ip-addresses (?????????????????????)

86.50.XXXXX (my own) (Freedome's chosen location)


What is that third ip-address?!  


You can (probably) fix the leaking problem by loading some app like Scriptsafe but after that most of the web pages don't work normally. Is there any chance that this problem will be fixed in future?   I am using windows and Chrome.

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  • Sorry. I forgot to paste the address of the page. Here

  • Ok, that 198-mystery address seems to be some kind of test address.

  • Thanks. I added that Google extension and it seems that it doesn't leak anymore.
    Should I still keep the Scriptsafe on? Just in case there are viruses or malware on web pages?
  • Actually, rather than downloading a plugin for Firefox (as stated in that linked F-Secure KB document) it may be better to disable WebRTC using a Firefox system property.


    Certainly the plugin is a bit more convenient as it allows the user to toggle WebRTC on and off rather easily. But plugins also can have spurious code that can do unwanted side things - you cannot really just "trust" a plugin without reviewing its underlying code first.


    So instead of downloading a Firefox plugin, you can disable WebRTC in Firefox by going to about:config and setting the  media.peerconnection.enabled property to false.


    You can test the "before" and "after" setting at pages such as that posted by OP, or e.g. here:


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    Please also read this article on how to fix DNS leaks, which is as far as I know not related to the WebRTC issue:



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