Freedome 1.0.2246.0 blocks WINDOWS UPDATE?

Since i have installed the latest Version it seems i cant connect to WIN UPDATE. I have now two active networks: my normal WIFI and a FreedomeVPNConnection. The latter has no connection to the internet. All other stuff works fine, my IP is as it should be and all other Internet services are running, but WIN UPDATE is searching and searching like forever. With the former version of Freedome i had not such a problem.

Any solution? Thanks in advance!


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    Hi el3030,

    As we checked on this further, there shouldn't be anything that would block this from our Freedome product perspective. However, could you please confirm if you are using Win 10 OS?


    If yes, Win 10 may try to download the updates using bittorrent, and we block bittorrent in many of our locations. You may configure Win 10 not to use torrent to download the updates by following the settings below:

    Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update -> Advanced options -> Choose how updates are delivered -> Updates from more than one place, turn that setting off


    Please give it a try and let us know if Windows Updates can be downloaded again.

  • I have an WIN7 64. Installed yesterday. I have full Internet connections through all other programs exept for the MS Update and the MS security essentials. They seem to have a problem with the vpn network adapter that Freedome is installing with the latest version. Am I the only person with that problem. I have done little to none with the WIN installation. Installed it, installed Freedome and boom MS seems to have a problem.

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    Hi el3030,


    Have you tried to do a restart of your computer and see if the issue persists? If the issue persists after the restart, could you confirm if the issue only happens when Freedome is turned on? Could you try to download the Windows Updates when Freedome is turned off?


    Once the above steps are done, if the issue persists, I would recommend opening a support request with the details of the issue, Windowsupdate.log (as mentioned in the location here - and the Freedome logs so that it can be troubleshooted further by our support team. Please mention about the community post in your case so that they are also aware of the details in the post.


  • Hey and thanks, it is not realted to Freedome, that is what i know  after a clean reinstall. Proble is that i have used two of my codes for the installation, so i have a 5 device subscription an only three devices are in use. Any way to set them back? Thanks

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    Hi el3030,


    At the moment, there is no option to reset the licenses for the Freedome code. Our RND is working on this issue. However, I would recommend to use your code for further installations. If you have any error message or any issue during the code validation, please do let us know so that we can assist you further.

  • Thank you, so far i am in the green, but i do reinstall quite often, especially on the mobile devices. I am surely not the only one. An easy way to manage the licenses would be much appreciated.

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