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I renewed my subscription to F secure at the beginning of the month but as it kept telling me that my subscription was about to run out I asked for remote help. The person I chatted to confirmed that my subscription had been renewed then he/she sent me a link to download. I did. It turned out to be a trial subscription. Later they sent me a mail telling me not to download this link but it was too late.

What do I do to install my renewed subscription instead of this trial subscription. Can anyone help please?


  • Simon
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    Which F-Secure product are you referring to, ie, SAFE, Internet Security, Freedome, etc...?

  • Hi Simon, I am referring to the Internet Security product I renewed. I got last year's free from Virgin Media. I bought this year's renewal at the beginning of November but I kept getting a message telling me that I needed to renew so I got in touch with F secure support and the person there told me they were sending me an email. When I opened it the mail gave me a link which I downloaded. It turned out to be the one month free trial. A few minutes later I received another mail telling me to ignore the previous mail and not use the link. It was too late of course. Now I am stuck with this wrong download. I have been in touch with support again but all they said is to reinstall the previous product which I cannot do.

  • What I have paid for is a F Secure Safe subscription at £25 for Virgin Media customers. When I log into My Safe I get a message at the top telling me that my computer is safe and my subscription will run till November 2016 and then beneath a big X your subscription has run out, your computer is unprotected.

    @Simon wrote:

    Which F-Secure product are you referring to, ie, SAFE, Internet Security, Freedome, etc...?


  • Laksh
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    Hi Fran40,


    I have highlighted your post to our Support team so that your support ticket can be checked further. The support team will get back to you for further details about your renewal.

  • Rob31
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    Hello I have the same problem, how do I fix this please ?



  • Hi Rob I went on chat support on line and the person who answered me said that they needed to escalate the issue  to their backend team for them to fix my mysafe account page and they would mail me when the problem was solved. The following day I received a mail from F Secure telling me  that my  mysafe account had been fixed, that I should log in. I did and followed the instructions on screen and that was it. 


    When I logged on to the community there was also a message there telling me that my problem had been referred to the team.  


    So it appears I received help from both chat support on line and the community side.


    i am really pleased with the help I received. I hope the same happens to you.







  • Hi Rob 31. Have you managed to solve your problem?

    @Rob31 wrote:

    Hello I have the same problem, how do I fix this please ?




  • Hi, I paid for a new subscription with my Visa 2 days ago and I get a pop up saying I'm not covered and to renew. So I hit renew and it tells me my subscription is expired. At that point I can go no farther. Can you fix this. I have an email stating I paid and have a conformation number, #xxxxx  Please fix this.



    EDIT: Removed Personal Identification number

  • I paid for new coverage and got a conformation #xxxx and a pop up keeps telling me to renew. Can you fix this for me ???


    EDIT: Removed Personal Identification information

  • Hi Billykid1 my problem was a bit different from yours but I believe the way to solve your problem is to use the live chat on line which you will find at the bottom of the page in My Safe. The person I chatted to referred my problem to their support team who sorted it and then mailed me to tell me to go to My Safe and follow the instructions. It took 24 hours.


    However the live chat does not open until 9AM. I don't know what time they shut. 


    I hope you you can solve this quickly. I know what a head ache it can be.

  • Laksh
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    Hi @BillyKid1,


    As Fran40 has mentioned above, I would recommend to either contact our chat support or open a support request so that the support team can check on your account further.

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