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I have a 5-device subscription and I was using it on two iPhones, two MacBooks and one iPad. I recently upgraded two iPhones and now I cant use Freedome on my iPhone and my fiancé can't it on hers because it tells us that we have run out of subscriptions that we can use. 


Is there a way to reset the Subscrition so that old associated devices can be removed?


Thank you/



  • Laksh
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    Hi xpresso,


    I saw your private message about your issue as well. Could you please post your error message as a screenshot here?


    Also, please provide your code for Freedome via PM to me. May I know if you are replacing your old iPhone with the new iPhone? If yes, are you replacing only one of your iPhones? Currently how many of your devices are having Freedome installed with this code?

  • Hi Laksh, 


    Thanks for the quikc reply. I am replacing two iPhones. Since the issue has started I have removed Freedome from the iPad and the other Mac. Therefore currently I only have it on my Mac and my iPhone. 

    I have attached the screenshot of my iPhone with the error message and another screenshot of my Mac with the wrong subscription lenght since my subscription is only for a year and I did not make any further purchases. 


    iPhone Error


    Wrong Subscription Length

  • Hi Laksh,

    I was using my code I got in my original purchase email.
    I had an issue with my operating system which required me to reinstall it. After the reinstall I reactivated my subscription and it started showing me that. I have never used any other codes other than the one I was provided with.


    I think it may just be a bug in the client for OS X because I have tried to reinstall the app and the issue still persisted. 

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi xpresso,


    I saw your PM and glad to know the issue is resolved! Regarding your MAC, if no other code is used, it should be showing the correct days with the current code unless something was added with the days. I will try to get some details on the code used.



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