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This message just lo let you know that the latest update of Freedome on my Windows 7 has introduced some kind of bug:


I use to make windows to hibernate by closing my laptop when I do not using it and since the latest Freedome update (version 1.0.2246.0), when Windows is awakening sometimes a Freedome error message display and say Wndows has to reboot for Freedome to be able to start (sorry I haven't right now the precise wording, but it's asking for a reboot.


If you have a solution, I take it, if not I'll wait the next update.


Thanks. Best regards.


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    Hi @FileDansLeVent,


    May I know if Freedome starts normally even after the update and the error message is shown? Have you tried to restart your computer and see if the error message is not appearing anymore?

  • FileDansLeVent
    FileDansLeVent Posts: 8 Observer

    Yes, after a reboot Freedome is working fine and there's no more error message.


    It's just annoying because I chose to hibernate to avoid reboot.

    So this behavior has begun after the latest Freedome update.

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    FileDansLeVent Posts: 8 Observer

    The error message tells that a driver installation needs to restart.


    I've something new this morning.

    My Dell laptop has been restarted from hibernate for a moment now and I saw the message asking for reboot. This fact made me think to reply to this thread. After my first reply, I had the idea to start Freedome to get the error message in order to give you the precise wording, but in fact Freedome did start normally.


    So it seems that after a while, it accept to start. Maybe freedome try to start at a moment where Windows has not yet load everything.


    Hope that helps.

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