Lost subscription after reinstall?

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Freedome updated itself. After the update it didn't connect anywhere and i decided to try and reinstall the program. I reinstalled it and it reverted itself back to trial-mode and tells me that it's expired.


I bought f-secure safe because of this freedome campaing(1yr of Freedome with Safe) that was on in september and the code had to be activated before 30.9.2015. Was this really some one-time-use code? Or is there some other problem? It doesn't accept the code i have in my e-mail. Neither can i find any subscription or any sign of freedome in "My safe". But i have the original e-mail from f-secure in my mail.




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    Hi TJH,


    The code for the Freedome campaign cannot be re-used anymore as the campaign has ended. The Freedome campaign (via Safe) was a limited offer which ended by September 30th, 2015.

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    Yes, that makes sense.


    But if that is the case, that you cannot reinstall the software after the campaign ended, it should've be mentioned somewhere. I just tried to resolve the connection problem of the software by reinstalling the program and lost the license since it's not tied to anything, account, software or anything? Really?


    To clarify: I bought Safe in september, activated the multi-device code to get freedome. Installed freedome and it told me that i got 1 year license for freedome. Yey, happy times. Then after ~2 months of use, the software failed and told me that it cannot connect after it updated itself. I thought something went wrong during the update process. I reinstalled it. I lost the license.


    Is it just: "Hey, sh*t happens, buy new license!" if i want to continue using freedome?

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    TO THJ - community manager


    So following this thread. How do I go about getting my money back since 1 month into my subscription the code doen't work and I have no intention for paying 40. for 1 month use...since your service is less than stellar.


    Law student here - you're not holding up your part of the contract 'provison of a service for a fee'. either provide the service or provide my money back; it's that simple.


    If that is going to be a problem - provide your information and I will report you under the consumer service act.

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