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i have a big problem using Freedome (v2.0.29.2964) for Android OS (v5.1.1), since i use the app, my battery is running empty much faster!




Anything i can change in settings to solve the problem?

Right now, the app is not usable eating my battery like this!





maybe something to do with this? :


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    Hi sfof,


    As mentioned in the other post you shared, have you checked the different options mentioned in the post replies? May be it is because of the mobile date or may be that the Freedome battery reading is attributed to the fact that the application takes over all the network traffic on the device. Please try the different options mentioned and update us on the result.

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    Hi Laksh,


    thanks for your reply.


    The "low mode" is not an option for me, as far as i understand, only gps is used in this mode. but i want the positioning with GPS, wifi & GSM.


    Problem is, i changed nothing in the way i use my smartphone. With Freedome, much less battery. If Freedome icon symbolize all network traffic (in my screenshot), thats ok, but the running time is shorter.

    The solution cant be switching off mail sync or something like this. I have no other data consuming apps running permanently.


    Are there plans to solve the problem with "the geolocation service" in future versions of the Freedome app?


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