How do I move my f-secure to a new hard drive?

So I am going to install a new hard drive into my computer and move my operating system there. How do I move my f-secure there too? Also when I try to view my subscription codes in f-secure, it tells me that it is not available. But I found some other codes, but they seem to be only for identifying your f-secure. Also the latest update I have installed is F-Secure Aquarius Update 2015_11_14_07.


Sorry for mistakes, English is not my first language.


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    You can't 'move' it, as such, but you can reinstall F-Secure on your new hard drive in the same way that you originally installed it.  If this is F-Secure SAFE, you will need to install it from your SAFE Portal so make sure you have your login details handy.  If it is a 'stand alone' version, you should have a subscription key, either in an email, if purchased online, or on the packaging if you purchased a retail box.  You can use the same subscription key for the new installation, and the new license will automatically transfer to the new machine, as you should be given the option to re-use an existing license during the installation process.

  • How do I know if it's a SAFE version or stand-alone version?

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    Can you not remember from when you installed it? To be honest, I'm not sure how you tell the difference just by looking at it. How did you purchase it?
  • It was +4 years ago, and I think we first bought it from a store, and then later upgraded it through internet. It's also in 4 different computers.

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    Not sure how to help with that. Assuming it's F-Secure Internet Security, if you right click the system tray icon, there may be an option there to View Subscription, or, on the main interface, try clicking the ? (question mark) icon.
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    No worries I'm just going out myself.
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