Licence problems, f-secure safe + freedome

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I got 1 year subscription for Freedome beacuse i have SAFE. Well it worked fine, until i had to reset my phone. Now that subscription is lost / doen't work.

You don't have any kind of lincence <> user link system? Had same kind of problem with 6month subscription and it lost after phone reset.


Anyway to get that 1year subscription to work, again?



From under post - I did read "How do I retrieve F-Secure Freedome voucher code via My SAFE? ".

Can't find that FREEDOME section.  Maybe it's gone after i've used it once?


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    Hi zibit,


    The code for the Freedome campaign cannot be re-used anymore as the campaign has ended. The Freedome campaign (via Safe) was a limited offer which ended by September 30th, 2015.

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