Unable to turn Freedome ON

Cohnelly Posts: 1 New Member

even after uninstalling freedome through the dedicated Tool, and reinstalling to the latest version, Freedome won't turn ON

Freedome v10.0.2246.0

Windows 10 (10586 but happened first with previous release)


  • rapidmove
    rapidmove Posts: 9 New Member

    I am facing the same issue after the recommended update/upgrade... Simply can't turn it on and getting after some time "Something went wrong" 



  • Chivalry
    Chivalry Posts: 7 New Member



     I've Freedome keys with 300 days of active subscription yet to go. But, since today, my copy for Windows 8.1 just does not turn itself on, no matter what. As I can't find a proper support channel I hope to find some help here. By the way, the copy for Android is running as before, with no issues.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello Everyone,


    Apologies for the delayed response on this issue. We do have reports and are aware about this issue with Freedome and Windows 10; our Freedome team is investigating further. However, in order to troubleshoot further, please open a support ticket from here and provide all the details of the issue.

  • Chivalry
    Chivalry Posts: 7 New Member



    Please be aware tha my issue has nothing to do with Windos 10. I downgraded my PC back to Windows 8.1 before the problem.

    Please, be also aware that the hyperlink you gave leads to nowhere: "Woops!
    404: Page not found"

  • rapidmove
    rapidmove Posts: 9 New Member



    does anybody got a real feedback, besides an automatic reply, that the case is under investigation?



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