Notifications on apple watch not working well using Freedome; VPN problem when iPhone not in use.

Notification of incoming messages, for instance by iMessage, sometime are not sent to the Apple watch from the iPhone (6S+) when Freedome is on. One realizes that there is a message only when the iPhone is accessed, then the notification appears (about messages received long ago at that point).


The problem seems to be that with Freedom, iMessage does not access the internet in background. It is as if the VPN connection is re-established every time the iPhone is used, and it goes off when it is not. I guess it should be re-established when a push message is  received by it does not seem to be always so.


There is a similar thread about whatsapp made long ago (last message May 2015), but it is unclear whether it was sorted out in the end. I think this type of problem prevents one from actually using Freedome on the mobile phone, so I hope it is fixed soon.


  • Bayes
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    Thank you for the information, it looks exactly what I was looking for.

  • Bayes
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    Any news about when the beta verison will be finally released? Without it, it does not seem truly possible to use freedome on the smartphone because of the mentioned problem.



  • what about a fixed/workaround version? the beta version is running out and the whatsapp notification problem perstists.

  • lalala....


    It does not work correctly on iOS since iOS 9 when you leave it on all the time.

  • Ben
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    Hello D-Fens, 


    We unfortunately cannot completely fix this on our side as it is a bug in the iOS itself.

    We however have some feedback that iOS 9.3 beta would have it fixed.


    We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  • I installed the public beta 3 of iOS 9.3.

    you still won't receive notifications if the vpn connection is not active. If you start it manually, you will see the missed message Smiley Sad

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