Can't install F-Secure Safe-error message received "Cannot continue with setup as some important fil

HELP!!!!! - I have had F-Secure Safe for a year now with no problems. However, since the automatic renewal of my subscription has happened my F-Secure portal shows that I am not protected as my subscription has expired even though it has been renewed. I have tried re-installing the program but then get the error message "Cannot continue with setup as some important files are missing". I have tried un-installing the original program but it will not un-install. I have tried installing the program from scatch but I get the same error message. The set-up is using a Virgin Media Network Installer if that makes any difference. I am using a Windows 7 HP Pavilion laptop.

I am worried about using my laptop now for any on-line reasons as I am not protected from any type of cyber attack-virus,malware etc



  • Jouni
    Jouni Posts: 135 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi Loulou68,


    In this case, it looks like the F-Secure Safe installation on your laptop is partially broken and causing the error message.

    Similar problem may happen after upgrading to Windows 10, hence there should be also following link included in the error message:

    As explained in the article, to get your F-Secure security product working normally again, the F-Secure security product needs to be removed using our uninstallation tool, and the product need to be reinstalled.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. I have been in touch with customer support just now and they have fixed the problem, so I'm all secure.

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